Week 3 by Cindy DeDios

On Wednesday morning of this week, I had the opportunity to take a crew of two other students (Natasha Leedom and Conner Yonetani) on a factory tour of the candy store Pietro Romanengo. We had the honor of meeting with Delfina Romanengo and she personally showed us around the building. In the first room we entered, we saw two employees cutting up fresh, juicy melons. In the next room, there was another couple of employees dumping gelatinous candies into a huge pile of sugar. It was a lot of fun watching people creating candy so expertly and delicately. One of the last rooms we came to was a storage room for sweets awaiting delivery. She handed us each a chocolate covered cherry and went on to describe all of the other candies contained in the room. As she was explaining she continued to hand us one of each and we were being given samples faster than we could eat them! They were all a delight. It was exciting to speak with people who love the products they create and who have a respect for the company they work for. Everyone was very warm and welcoming to us. We had a fantastic time.

We are exceedingly fascinated by Genova’s rich street life. When walking around the streets, we never know what surprises we’ll bump into. Among many others, we have unexpectedly come across musicians, dancers, and puppeteers. The most entertaining one was a woman with a cute, skeleton puppet who held a small violin in his tiny hands. She let a recording play and while standing behind him manipulated him to appear as if he were striking every violin chord in the song. His hand sharply struck at the strings, his head bobbed, and his body swayed along to the music. He seemed passionate. He had a chair behind him and a stand holding music sheets in front of him. When he had finished playing a few songs he took several bows and daintily walked off stage. I am so grateful to share many kinds of amazing experiences with a great group of people–with program directors and other students (many of which have become personal friends.) I am in so love with Italy!

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